Last update: Jul 2, 2020

Press Release

Introducing Wowtes — a map customiser for athletes

Today we launch Wowtes, our first sports-oriented product. It allows cyclists, runners, and hikers to transform their activities into beautiful maps that they can share anywhere. Ultralight, unique, and free as the wind ✌️. It's been a wild journey of 2 months building the bootstrapped webapp, with 100% internal energy, skills, and love.

A year ago, we were backpacking around Europe, our very first time there. We rode our bikes by mistake on autobahns and hiked at the edge of Transylvania. And we wanted to share those exciting, new experiences with close friends and family — some of which had never left their hometown.

But we've realized that doing so using default maps was extremely boring. And graphs didn't help us tell that story either. Gosh, even superhero-like athletes had their epic feats feel flat on existing templates. So we looked at the huge community of passionate cyclists, runners, and hikers and found resonance.

The idea to make Wowtes came as naturally as the polizei herding Mateus out of the Autobahn. It just had to be. And we won't stop here: we want to make it dynamic, browsable, packed with photos. We want to chain activities and tell the story of a journey. We want athletes of all levels to be able to share how small moments felt and changed their lives.

Wowtes is our message for all explorers and adventurers out there: go see the world, and bring your stories home — we'll help you tell them to the ones that couldn't be there.

With love and energy,

Quartzo's Team


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